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Laser beam is an important parameter that determines the quality of laser welding

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/5/21 22:03:56 Hits:1934
The laser beam is an important parameter that determines the quality of laser welding. Why do you say that?
First, let's take a look at the influence of beam mode on welding penetration:

Take laser welding of diamond saw blades as an example. This welding method belongs to the welding of dissimilar metals between different materials and different organizations. The quality of the welding determines the level of the bonding strength.

The welding process is the key to determining the strength of the weld. The preparation before welding, welding power, welding speed, focus position, offset, and shielding gas flow all have an important influence on the welding quality. The cutter head and the base body should be degreasing before welding. , Clean and remove water to reduce the generation of pores. In addition, the arc grinding of the cutter head is also a very important part. To ensure that the cutter head is in good agreement with the substrate is a good guarantee.

The prerequisite for welding quality: Because the laser focus is extremely small (usually below 0.4 mm), high-quality welding results can be obtained. And the fiber laser welding machine laser beam quality, beam defocus and offset, welding power, welding speed, shielding gas flow and plasma control and other aspects. The quality of the laser beam is an important index parameter in the output characteristics of the laser, which can affect the welding depth and weld shape. The higher the beam mode, the larger the divergence angle and the worse the beam quality. As far as welding is concerned, base mode or low-level mode should be used. If the mode is too high, it is difficult to meet the requirements of welding quality. The beam quality mainly affects the weld penetration and shape.