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Factors affecting the engraving depth of laser marking machine

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/5/30 12:34:35 Hits:2319
The laser marking machine has two important technical indicators in the application of products: marking depth and marking size. Today, the editor of Daxinhua Laser will discuss with you how to adjust the laser marking depth:

1. Direct adjustment method: increase the power of the laser: everyone knows that the laser is the core component of the laser marking machine, just like the engine of a car. As the quality of the laser is improved, the laser beam is bound to be improved. To put it plainly is to increase the power of the laser. Provide its workload, but doing so tends to increase the cost of the whole machine. But the effect is definitely immediate. Another point is that once the laser is upgraded, its corresponding supporting devices must be upgraded, so the cost of the whole machine will increase.

2. Turn the field lens of the laser marking machine into a small-range field lens. After the conversion, the marking depth will be deeper. For example, the previous semiconductor laser marking machine can match the field lens of 110, which becomes With a field lens of 50, the total laser energy and lettering depth will reach about twice the previous effect. The same applies to the popular fiber laser marking machines.

3. Improve the beam quality: To improve the beam quality, you need to adjust the inside of the laser cavity, replace the light guide material or replace the pump source, etc. Or upgrade the laser total mirror and output mirror. For example, in the case of a semiconductor laser marking machine, a small hole is added to increase the cooling accuracy, and the laser mode is adjusted to make the laser large, round and bright. In short: to improve the configuration of the laser cavity. Make modifications. This is to understand the structure of the laser marking machine, otherwise it will directly affect the equipment.

4. Slow down the marking speed of the laser marking machine. Under the same power and the same other parameters, just modify the marking speed, and the marking depth will of course be deeper. That is to say, the speed slows down, the power increases, and the hit is deeper.

5. Replace high-quality laser marking accessories and use high-quality laser group: It is a good way to process the light spot and use a beam expander, so that the laser focus will be strong. The light spot effect obtained is also ideal. For example, if a semiconductor laser marking machine uses an imported Q switch, its marking depth will be better. Replace brand laser for fiber marking machine.

In summary, we know that the overall configuration, performance, etc. of the laser marking machine are not all the same as customers think. A small detail and simple configuration will directly affect your marking effect, even the high loss of accessories. Longer life, etc. So the question is, why are there differences in prices between different manufacturers that you can't understand. Expensive has its truth, and cheap has its trap.