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Fiber laser welding machine provides conditions for fine automatic welding

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/5/21 22:04:28 Hits:2027
     Compared with traditional hard-optical laser welding equipment, the laser of the fiber laser welding machine can increase the degree of freedom of processing, stop multi-beam simultaneous processing and multi-station processing, and provide conditions for finer welding. Widely used in precision welding of optical communication equipment, IT, amplifiers, electronics, batteries, fiber couplers, kinescope electron guns, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motors, precision parts of clocks, automobiles, etc.

      The laser input waveform of the fiber laser welding machine can be set arbitrarily according to the welding data and shape. In the welding process of detailed workpieces, changing the input waveform of laser energy according to the shape and data of the task can greatly improve the welding quality, which is reflected as follows:

      1. Good volatility, high reliability and 24-hour volatility.

      2. Real-time control of energy and multiple settings of waveforms bring good welding quality.

      3. Energy response Fiber optic transmission laser welder adopts real-time negative energy response, laser energy fluctuation and average size of solder joints.

      4. Equipped with CCD coaxial monitoring debris, using image connection installation, after switching operation, the state of the solder joints can be recognized at the same time or on the display, which is convenient and intuitive to detect.

      5. Over energy or time splitting can complete simultaneous welding or time-sharing welding.

      6. The waveform can be set arbitrarily according to the welding data and shape.

      In addition, the fiber laser welding machine can also perform simultaneous welding or time-sharing welding through energy or time splitting. Coupled with a wealth of I/O interfaces, users can easily control and operate the processing and production of the entire welding machine through a computer, thereby reducing production costs.